Rehoming pets through direct home placement.

Home To Home™ is a third-party, online pet placement platform that helps pet owners find new homes (permanent or temporary) for their pets. It’s a free, person-to-person alternative to adopting a pet from, or surrendering a pet to, an animal shelter. You might wonder why, as an established humane society, we would support an online service that facilitates direct-home placement of pets. 
Here are three reasons:

1.  A person-to-person pet adoption can be easier on the animals. Pets can go directly from one home to another, avoiding the stress that can accompany a shelter stay.

2.  Sometimes, people feel guilty about making the decision to re-home a pet. Home-to-Home lets pet owners avoid having to publicly surrender their animal to a shelter, yet gives them the ability to find a new loving home for their animal.

3.  We can monitor Home-to-Home activity. We take a back seat but keep a watchful stance with Home-to-Home, which gives us confidence in the process. For example, when a pet owner writes up a profile for the pet he wants to re-home, we review the copy before it’s posted to the website and can deny any pet posting that seems suspicious or violates Home-to-Home rules. We can also offer a space (our courtyard or a meeting room) for potential adopters to meet the animal. 

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